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Toyota MR2 1992 GTS - Factory Turbo Manual

Toyota MR2 1992 GTS - Factory Turbo Manual

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Toyota MR2 turbo Manual

Something like this doesn’t come up often, it’s in nearly complete factory condition, has the extra perk of power steering, is manual and had the cambelt replaced at 158,000. She needs a new home! Oh and yes it is the factory turbo model.

  • Cambelt replaced at 158,000
  • Has aftermarket Blitz blow off valve but that’s basically the only modification
  • Manual , turbo
  • Fairly low ks for its age only 164,000
  • Engine seems to pur along nicely, gearbox is solid and the clutch is a heavy duty aftermarket clutch, near new!
  • Body’s in straight condition and paint is ok for its age
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