How the process works for us buying a vehicle for you in Japan is the following:

  1. We discuss the type of car you’re after and your budget that you want to spend on getting a vehicle road legal / on the road in New Zealand. Once you feel comfortable that you know which car you’re after and this process written here, we proceed. We search for the ideal vehicle for you each day or the day before that coming auction.
  2. We will get any potential vehicles auction sheets translated and if we are happy with the translations for the vehicle, we will communicate with you what the translation says to see if you wish to proceed.
  3. We will get the vehicles inspected by our agents and will relay that information ( pics and any comments ) to you. NOTE: Because time is very limited we need a reply within 1 hour of our communication or we cancel the bid.
  4. Once we hear back from you and you advise us you are happy with the max you want to spend. We will require an initial $2000* deposit to be paid asap ( and must clear in our account ) before we lock the bid in with our agent. We have all major bank account numbers.
  5. We wait until later that day or sometimes the next day for the auction results to display , to see if we won or lost. If we lose, we refund you the $2000* deposit that day. If we win, we will invoice you for the vehicle sale. If we get the vehicle cheaper than expected at the auctions, some of the time the invoice will be less than your stated "max budget."

*$2000 is the minimum deposit required, if we deem the vehicle to be a very unique or expensive import we may ask for a larger deposit. This is on a case to case basis.



a) We are fully responsible for the vehicle from the time we win it at the auctions, to the day it is handed over to yourself. There are no extra costs involved. Any repairs to make the vehicle road legal, or any mechanical issues that arise are covered by Skar ( Applicable for New Zealand customers only )

b) Our fees are included within the vehicle sale price to you, we take the risk of any repairs needed to be made once the vehicle lands, we cover the vehicle under the consumers guarantee act, insurance costs, storage, grooming etc and all costs involved in making the vehicle road legal. Typically speaking our fees will start from $3000+GST per $50,000 spent on a vehicle. A $100,000 vehicle will incur minimal fees of $6000+GST in fees etc. ( These amounts can only be used as a guide and will vary on each individual vehicle purchase )

P.S. If you are an international customer we can arrange the purchasing of the vehicle also and delivery to your country.

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