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Nissan Fairlady 1979 - 280z

Nissan Fairlady 1979 - 280z

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These cars are already fairly uncommon these days and this is a one of a kind 280zx. Running the VQ35de V6 engine and a 350z 6 speed manual gearbox. Yes it has been certified and runs really well and sounds great!

  • Certified for the conversion
  • Ks have been over the show due to conversion and being a 5 digit odometer. I expect the car body real ks around 200,000ks
  • Recently passed a Wof after fixing minor things up. Wof until April 2021
  • Rego until Jan 2022
  • Paint is new and the body is very straight and the exterior overall is in really good condition
  • Gearbox and clutch are great, shifts good
  • Engine sounds solid and goes well
  • Running a GPS speedo and odometer
  • Interior is in ok condition but could do with a tidy up.

Overall the car is a unique and fun car to drive, a part of JDM history.

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