If you are ready to sell your car, we can help prepare your vehicle for sale with a variety of different service offerings. 

Full Groom: $199 - Give your car a well deserved make over before it's ready to sell. Our grooming service includes a full exterior clean, interior vacuum, basic stain removal, interior trims cleaned and engine bay clean!

Photo Shoot & Video: $249 - We take professional photos of your vehicle in an outdoor setting which will keep your potential buyers focused on the prize. Further to the photos we will take a detailed video tour around your vehicle and edit this video so it's ready to upload for the world to see! 

Online Listing: $249 - When your vehicle is prepped and ready to go online, we will get it live for you. Our fees' include Trademe listing fees and a personalised but detailed write up about your vehicle to inform the potential buyer of everything they need to know in a way that will maximise the offers on your vehicle!

Full Package Offer: $599 - We take care of the lot, just drop down your vehicle and we will get it groomed, photographed and listed online! Easy as!

Preparation Assessment: FREE SERVICE - If you want to present your vehicle in the best possible condition ( body wise, interior wise and mechanically we can easily assess your vehicle and suggest what needs to be done before you sell it to get top $$$ for your car! On top of that, if you require any work to be done we can take care of the entire process for you ( additional costs would apply and vary on a case to case basis )